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Average Cost of Water Filtration System

Clean water is not a luxury but a necessity. Although the US has one of the safest drinking water systems in the world, pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and pharmaceuticals occasionally find their way into our drinking water supply. According to the Centers for Disease control, there are an estimated 4-32 million cases […]

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How To Choose A Kitchen Faucet Simple And Fast

Nowadays faucets do much more than providing your kitchen with cold and hot water. They come in different designs, shapes and with a variety of features. Furthermore they can change the whole appearance of the room. This is why it is mandatory to be careful to avoid a mixture of designs that do not fit […]

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Water Softener Installation Tips

You got the best water softener and you are ready to buy it right away? Pause for a minute and think about installation. Will you install it on your own or use a professional. The bottom line is that you want the machine to perform optimally, deliver high quantities of water and make you and […]

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Crucial Home Water Purification Systems’ Maintenance Tips

The use of water purification systems is becoming increasingly common in homes. However, these systems will only function well if they are properly maintained. Reverse osmosis systems and home water filtration systems are the ones used in many households. How often should one do the maintenance? This depends on several factors starting from the type […]

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Four Tips on Cleaning a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

After you have installed your Reverse Osmosis system at your home, you will easily get gallons of pure water similar to the bottled one you used to buy at the stores. The relief that comes with this is great; no more time spent going to buy drinking water while there is quite a lot of […]

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Five Common Reverse Osmosis Systems Problems

After you have installed your Reverse Osmosis System, expect purer water than what you’ve been getting from the tap. On the other hand, expect some problems because this happens even in systems that are thought to be foolproof. To avoid panic and prevent you from making frantic calls, we familiarize you with some problems you […]

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Different Types Of Water Purification Systems

Clean drinking water is a necessity to ensure hygiene. Unfortunately, there are issues in having distilled water as tap water is unsafe for drinking purposes. There are a number of different methods used for the purification of water where all have different levels of purities. The job of the purification method is to remove parasites […]

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How To Compare Different RO Systems To Buy The Best For Your Home

The Reverse Osmosis Systems are the water purification system which facilitates us by providing the pure drinking water. They are connected with your standard water supply in your kitchen and the machinery associated with the system would purify the water by killing all the germs and the bacteria. In technical terms, the purification of water […]

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How To Maintain Your RO System For Better Performance

A reverse osmosis system is a water purification system used widely in homes as well as wide scale water purification plants. The reverse osmosis process is based on principle of osmosis but in this case the osmotic pressure is reversed and pressure is applied to push water through a semi-permeable membrane. The semi permeable membrane […]

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How To Change Filter Cartridges In An RO Filter System?

A reverse osmosis system is a 3 or 5 stage filtration system which uses advanced filtration technologies to provide pure, high-quality filtered water. This water is purified from all kinds of unhealthy contaminants that become a part of water as a solvent. The reverse osmosis system also filters out any kind of foul odor and […]

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