Hahn Whole House Water Filter System

Hahn Whole House Water Filter System

Most homes have some sort of water filtration system built right into them nowadays. Not all homes are so lucky. There are options on the market to help with this situation.

Some of these filtration systems need more maintenance than others, and some of them can be installed and maintained without having to hire a professional to take care of the task. Either way, the goal is to make you feel safe about the water that comes into your home.

Like most companies that produce water filtration systems for homes, Hahn has made sure to provide a great product, but they have not imparted much information about it to their customers.

The Hahn Whole Home Water Filtration System could be the right product for your home, though.


Not much is known about the technology that goes into Hahn’s water filtration system. This model is a standard, 20-inch mechanical filter that removes particles from water larger than 20 microns.

Whole House Water Filtration System and Descaler
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Some of the things this filter will remove from your water include silt and sediment as it runs on a Granular Activated Carbon System. However, you need to be made aware of the some red flags this raises for some people.

Since Hahn’s product focuses on removing chlorine from water, it might pose a problem in your house’s pipes because bacteria, yeast, mold, and viruses would be free to grow without the presence of chlorine.

All of these factors can put your family at risk for contracting diseases, so using this filter should be done with caution. Research suggests chlorine should be present in your water right up until right before it is consumed, which will limit the risk of illness from drinking the water or eating foods that have been cooked in it.

One part of this home filtration system works as a water softener. This feature is great if your home makes use of well water as it will remove calcium and magnesium deposits. However, another part of this filtration system is a descaler, which should not be confused with a water softener by any means.

This part of the system uses catalytic media in order to attract calcium ions. This process makes your water crystalline, which makes it easier and safer to consume. It is unclear if this product is a descaler, a water softener, or both. This situation can pose a problem for Hahn’s image as it might be a situation of false advertisement.

Therefore, this filtration system needs some further definitions to be made about it on the company’s website and product packaging before a decision can be made as to what it really does.

The last part of this tank runs water through a 10-inch filter. Hahn claims this part of the home filtration system will remove particles that are up to 60 times smaller than what can be seen by the naked eye alone. It is important to note, for the sake of reference, that the naked eye is able to see particles that are about 60 microns in size.

Installation Information

This filtration system can be easily installed with a few tools. A wrench is the most needed tool for this task in order to undo the connections on the water system in your home.

The wrench will be used to attach the new filtration system to your home’s water system.

If you do not know much information or do not possess much skill or ability in plumbing, then you should look to hire a professional to do this task.

Pros and Cons

This system works to process up to 7 gallons of water per minute with the best clarity.

However, this situation could pose a problem for your home if you have a larger family. Homes of this size generally require a water filtration system to process between 15 and 20 gallons of water per minute.


Well, larger families end up using more water at one, given time. It is not difficult to imagine that showers, dishwashers, clothes washers, and other units in the house might run at the same time when there are many people running around.

Therefore, Hahn’s home water filtration system might not be the best idea for your home if you do indeed have a larger family.

One of the larger concerns with this product is how generic it is. Like any store brand of any given item, this model is practically interchangeable with parts similar to it. It is really a bare bones model as it is not meant to perform much in the way of processing volumes of water at one time. It might only be sold at a few locations, but this scarcity should not fool consumers.

This filtration system does remove chlorine form the water before it goes into the home, as stated previously. This situation might place the home at risk for bacteria and other illness-causing invasions, but it does add some healthy options to the home.

For example, you can breathe more easily with chlorine being removed from the system because it means steam from cooking and bathing will not release particles into the air that could make someone will breathing difficulties become ill.

Pros Review

  • Removes synthetic chemicals from water, making it healthier to cook with and to drink.
  • Removing these chemicals also makes water softer and easier on skin as it will not cause excessive irritation.
  • Removes heavy metals like lead and mercury from water sources.
  • Organic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides are also removed from water sources.
  • Long lasting filtration system that does not need to be serviced any more than once a year.
  • Can be serviced as a DIY project with ease.
  • Filtration parts are easy to clean and replace.

Cons Review

  • Chlorine removal from the water source can lead to bacteria and other particles mile mold and yeast contaminating
  • pipes within the home, making them a breeding ground for illness.
  • Little information is provided by the company about the Hahn Whole Home Water Filtration System.
Whole House Water Filtration System and Descaler
  • Hahn HF-SOFT, Long-lasting High-Performance Water...
  • Get clean, great-tasting water from every tap in your home...
  • Cleaner, healthier air - Chlorine and volatile organic...
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