How To Choose A Kitchen Faucet Simple And Fast

Nowadays faucets do much more than providing your kitchen with cold and hot water. They come in different designs, shapes and with a variety of features. Furthermore they can change the whole appearance of the room. This is why it is mandatory to be careful to avoid a mixture of designs that do not fit and also to stay away from types that look good but do not match your needs. In order to make sure that you are making the right purchase you must learn how to choose a kitchen faucet.

The first thing you need to do when you decide to buy a kitchen faucet is to analyze the appearance of your kitchen. Take a closer look at the sink and see the specifications. Color is also important so think about one that matches the rest of the furniture. Usability is a must so analyze what you actually plan to do in the kitchen: cook or spend time with family and friends. After you have answers to all these aspects you are ready to consider the steps that will help you make the right purchase.

Sink And Faucet

Sink And Faucet

As it can be seen choosing a kitchen faucet is not an easy task. There are many things to think about and not taking them into consideration will only make you replace it. This is why it is important to know that the sink and faucet must be compatible for best results. It is true that some designs can be adapted to the sink type, but in order to avoid any additional costs it is mandatory to know how to choose a kitchen faucet.

If you own or plan to buy a sink with a single hole you need to know that there are two types of faucets that match: single handle or single handle with deck plate. Fortunately they come in various shapes and colors so you have plenty designs to choose from.

A sink with two holes is compatible with two different types of faucets: single handle faucet with one accessory and two handle faucet. As it can be seen the two types are quite different so rather than purchasing one just because it looks good try to look for one that will actually be handy in your kitchen.

If your sink has three holes you can choose from three different types of faucets. You can buy one of the three types, according to your needs: single handed faucet with deck plate, one handle faucet with two accessories or two handle faucet with one accessory. As there are so many designs remember to pay attention to the color.

The last type of available sinks is the one with four holes. In this case there are three types of kitchen faucets you can choose from: single handle faucet with deck plate and one accessory, single handle faucet with three accessories and two handles faucet with one accessory. Try to avoid choosing a faucet with accessories if you do not plan or do not know how to use them. In such cases it is better to stick to the classic design.

How To Choose A Kitchen Faucet?

kitchen faucet

How many handles you need? Kitchen faucets come with two different types of handles. There are designs that have only one handle that can be rotated from cold to hot water. The other type is the one with two handles, one for cold water and the other one for hot. For the second type of faucet you need to rotate both handles in order to establish the right water temperature.

Do you need a sprayer? It is important to know that not all faucets have a sprayer included. This is why it is mandatory to actually check the length and usability of the sprayer before purchasing a certain design. If you plan to shop online then make sure you read the comments.

What type of finish you want? The finish plays a major role in the faucet design. It is also very important as it protects it from corrosion and rust. Moreover it gives the faucet a beautiful aspect. This is why it is important to think twice before choosing a certain color. There are finishes than need to be cleaned regularly in order to look good and others that need certain cleaning products in order to avoid scratches. Just make sure that you take into consideration these aspects before being mesmerized by a certain faucet.

How often you drink water from the faucet? If the answer is very often than you must consider buying a faucet with water filter. There are certain designs that have this filter included. Even if they may be a little more expensive the clean water resulted will help you save money as you will not need to buy bottled water anymore.


As it can be seen finding the right faucet is not a simple task. There are certain things you need to consider before making a purchase. In order to know how to choose a kitchen faucet make sure you follow the simple steps presented above. Remember that it is a long term investment so treat it accordingly. To see more reviews, videos and deals, check out kitchen faucet

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Millie Hue - March 16, 2019

Thanks for pointing out that there are faucets that have a filter in them which will save us money in the long run since we won’t need to buy bottled water. I will definitely choose this kind of faucet now that we need to replace the original one in this house. It’s because it started to leak, and there is also a sign of rusting on it which can be hazardous due to having an infant in the family.


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