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Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System Review

Whether you are a backpacking enthusiast or love going on hunting or fishing trips, you know how important clean water is. Sure, there are many so-called portable water filtration systems out there but let’s face it- they all have their problems. Most of them are too bulky, heavy and cumbersome to lug around in the […]

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Where Can I Buy Reverse Osmosis Water

Most people are completely unaware of just how unsafe the tap water in their home is. And truth be told, most of us don’t even think about it until we hear alarming stories such as the ones that came out of Flint, Michigan a few short years ago. Elected officials, the people we vote in […]

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Best Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters use different systems of filtration, with a vast majority being micro porous filters. The filters also operate in different ways; some are fixed directly onto the faucet nozzle while some come as water pitchers. Besides purifying water, filters also help remove unpleasant tastes and odors which may be present in water. Large […]

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