Best RODI Systems for Reef Aquariums

RODI (Reverse Osmosis/Deionization) filters will assist in the removal of impurities from your tap water such as chloramine, heavy metals, chlorine, and phosphates. These impurities can contribute to the growth of algae and in some cases cause an even larger issue if not treated properly. The tap water will filter through the sediment cartridge first and then through a carbon based block filter. The two filters combined will remove the sediments, pesticides, and chlorine. After that, it will then travel within the RO housing membrane to be further filtered. The membrane usually removes over 96% of nitrates and up to 99% of silicate from the water source. For standard RO filters, this is the last step in the process. However, with RODI units the water will then run through a DI resin cartridge for further purification purposes.

1. AquaFX Barracuda

AquaFX Barracuda

As experts in water filtration and treatment systems, AquaFX has created top of the line of water treatment and filtration systems for home and business aquarium enthusiasts. The AquaFX Barracuda is one of the best filtration systems for aquarium owners on the market today. The Barracuda features a 4 stage 2-micron chlorine guzzler carbon block filter to keep your water as purified from contaminants as possible. Additional features include: a high flow and high rejection TFC membrane, your choice of a feed adaptor, a high-efficiency color-changing DI cartridge 160 PSI pressure gauge that is marked with operating gauges and unsafe range detectors. All these features give you the ability to accurately and regularly monitor the water within the tank for any unsafe range spikes. Additionally, each system is built with a solid aluminum “no-rust” metal mounting bracket that has clear 10″ filter cartridge housings, quick connect fittings and shut off valves for easy use.

2. Koolermax AR-122

Koolermax AR-122

The Koolermax AR-122 is a 6-stage RODI system featuring an RO unit, a pressure gauge, all required filters, the hardware needed for installation, an auto shut off valve and a pressure gauge. The design of this system allows it to purify tap water to suit a reef aquarium. When your pressure shows a drop of 15 psi or greater, it means you need to change your filters as they are clogging up. The filters are 5 micron sediment filters with a multi layer. The outer layer features 20 micron while the inner layer is 5 micron, This will result in the filter holding more dirt and sediment. Also, the 5 micron coconut shell carbons have a greater removal rate for both chlorine and chemicals.

This system features a 4th stage osmosis membrane. This membrane has the capability to removing 90 to 95 per cent of the minerals in the water. Now, if the water supply shows total dissolved solids in the reading that are 300 ppm, the output of water will be purified to 15 to 30 ppm after only the fourth stage. There are also two inline DI filters that will both reduce the waters mineral count, and purify the water to an even greater degree after the fourth stage. During the fifth and sixth stages, the total dissolved solids are reduced from 15 ppm to zero, or close to zero, ppm.

This is a ready for installation, complete system. All filters, tubing and installation hardware are included. Since the filters for this system are high capacity, both the pre-filters and post filters only need to be replaced once a year. This system comes with a one year limited warranty for the parts and components.

3. SpectraPure MaxPure

SpectraPure MaxPure

SpectraPure MaxPure is able to remove sediment particles that are as small as 1 micron across. This is equivalent to less than 1/25,000 of an inch. The ability to filter out particles this small makes it possible to filter out some types of bacteria. Not only can MaxPure do a great job of filtering water, but it can also filter a large volume of water. In fact, it is able to purify as much as 90 gallons per day. This is enough for even the largest of home aquariums. Some museum aquariums and pet stores could make use of the MaxPure. The system is also designed to be transportable. In fact, it is only 15x7x16 inches. While the device itself is relatively small, there is plenty of tubing to ensure that you are able to place it somewhere convenient for you. The MaxPure is effective and reliable.

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