Best Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters use different systems of filtration, with a vast majority being micro porous filters. The filters also operate in different ways; some are fixed directly onto the faucet nozzle while some come as water pitchers. Besides purifying water, filters also help remove unpleasant tastes and odors which may be present in water. Large water pitchers come with a tank that is filled with water, which runs downstream as it is filtered. This type of water filtration system stands out from the rest because it is very efficient at eliminating harmful, disease causing microorganisms such as parasites and bacteria. The other chemical contaminants that can be eliminated using this filtration system Chlorine, radon 222 and organic solvents. Tests also show that countertop water filters have the ability to reduce the levels of nitrites, arsenic, nitrates, fluoride and harmful chemicals like mercury and lead while retaining essential minerals that the body needs to stay healthy. Here are our picks for the best countertop water filter systems:

1. Brondell H2O+ Cypress

Brondell H2O+ Cypress

The three advanced filters found in the Brondell H2O Cypress help in reducing mineral levels from the water as well as other organic compounds which are harmful for consumption. These substances include chemicals like chlorobenzene, trihalomethanes, atrazine and aesthetic chlorine. Industrial chemicals, pesticides and micro-organisms are also eliminated. The Brondell system comprises of filters which are easily replaceable. The system fits in most home faucets and it provides a continuous flow of water without waste.

Furthermore, the system comprises of a push-button which is used for dispensing water. The push-buttons are strong, they do not allow water leakages during filtration. The system can hold a minimum pressure of 20psi of water feed and a maximum of 120psi. The system is also of a manageable size and it does not occupy a very large space.

2. Berkey BK 4X2

Berkey BK 4X2

The Berkey BK 4X2 water filter is perfect for your drinking water needs at home, outdoors and on the road. This stainless steel water filtration system is highly durable and versatile, which means you can use it treat different types of water. The filtration system is also made using high grade, stainless steel material that can last many years. The 304 grade stainless steel material is both stable and safe for storing water and food. The Berkey BK 4×2 water filter can produce up to 3.5 gallons of clean water in an hour, making it highly convenient and dependable.

The high rate of filtration is attributed to it’s a quicker water purification speed, thanks to the enhanced gravitational mechanics that has gone into the system design. You can actually use this water filter to purify up to 3,000 gallons of water before making a filter replacement. The self sterilizing filter built into this system can be cleaned easily and reused without compromising the quality of water running out of the filter. However, special care and cleaning is required when working with unused filters. If you are unsure of what to do refer back to your user manual for more details.

The Berkey BK 4X2 filtration system has a water capacity of 2.1 gallons or about 8 liters of water. The other features include 2 water purification elements and height of 13 inches. When the upper and lower chambers are assembled, the system stands at about 19.2 inches high. The accompaniments for this water filtration system include a stainless wire stand that features non-skid rubber and a water view sight glass. Because of its high level of versatility, you can use your Berkey water filter to purify untreated water from the river or lake as well as the municipal or well water from your tap.

3. APEX Alkaline

APEX Alkaline

The APEX Alkaline water filtration system is designed to offer a sophisticated, multi-stage filtration system without the installation of a complex, heavy or resource-intensive system. Unlike most filters, the APEX adds dissolved minerals back to the filtered water, which may prove a desirable option for persons who want flavorful water or are not satisfied with the taste put out by other filtration systems.

The core of the APEX is a large filtration column that takes up almost the entirety of the unit. This particular model, due to its clear sides, shows the filter in action, and also permits the user to visually observe if anything has gone wrong with the filter that necessitates its replacement. The filter is a standardized unit that is produced by many companies, which increases availability and reduces long-term running costs. The filter needs to be replaced only once every 1500 gallons, making it more than suitable for most drinking water needs.

Installation is relatively easy and will not require tools in most cases. All necessary attachment hardware is included, and the sink is still available for unfiltered use for cleaning. All components have been certified and tested by the NSF, but the final product has not been tested, nor has it been evaluated for raw effectiveness regarding heavy mineral removal. Therefore, it is not possible to say what percentage of heavy metals and other contaminants have been removed. However, the filtration system is similar in content and chemical action to most high-quality filters, and so it should be more than adequate for removing basic contaminants and improving taste.

Indeed, the primary focus of the APEX is to improve taste, not to eliminate potentially harmful microbes and chemicals, although it has the components necessary to do the latter in most cases. As such, while most taste-affecting chemicals and metals are removed, the pH is increased, and various alkaline metals are added, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Such alkaline additions are common in many forms of bottled water or spring water and give it the unique flavor, although it may not be preferable for everyone. Additionally, these dissolved salts make the produced water suitable only for drinking. Application of the water to fish tanks or in devices intended for use only with distilled water can leave an undesirable residue or unwanted increases in pH. This makes the APEX Alkaline suitable only for the production of drinking water where the normal tap has an unpleasant taste due to contaminants.

4. WaterChef C7000

WaterChef C7000

The WaterChef C7000 is a countertop water filtration system designed to improve the quality of tap water through the use of a “big block” style filter. Using only standard water pressure and a mixture of chemical and physical filtration, it offers a reasonably affordable option for families looking to remove the most common contaminants from tap water. With only a single hookup and a battery-powered filter monitor, the WaterChef C7000 is simple to operate and has almost nothing on it that can break, which helps it to last longer and also enables it to function even during power outages.

The core of the WaterChef C7000 is a large central filter system, through which the water is passed through water pressure. Its large size and filtration capacity means that it only needs to be replaced once every 1000 gallons, which equates to about once per year for most households. This makes it more affordable in the long run than traditional tap-side options and filtration pitchers, which must be replaced several times per year to provide optimal filtration. While the WaterChef C7000 cartridges do cost more than such options, their longevity and low overall running cost make them a superior choice for families or heavy water users.

The WaterChef C7000 has been certified by the NSF to remove chlorine, chloramine, lead, benzene, cysts, Trihalomethanes, VOCs and MTBE from the water. Most notably, it is capable of removing over 99% of any lead found in the water, which is a major selling point in light of recent lead contamination crises. While it does not remove all contaminants and is not suitable for humidifiers, CPAP machines, and other devices that require distilled water, it is more than adequate for drinking water. Its removal of almost all metal ions significantly improves taste, especially in areas where tap water is often contaminated by rusting or degraded pipes.

Installation is easy, with no tools required to connect it to most faucets. The machine has a lifetime warranty, and other than the battery and filter no components should need to be replaced during the life of the device. It is competitively priced when compared to other units, and its large capacity should provide enough water for drinking, although it is inadequate for purposes of bathing or washing. Its small footprint and space saving design make it able to fit into most kitchen environments, although it may have trouble in cramped kitchens and small apartments.

5. pH7


The PH7 system provides a high quality UltraCarb ceramic filter candle. This filter system offers a great way to get purified alkaline water which is proven to help prevent disease and slow aging. Additionally, the system reduces and removes a wide variety of known chemicals, metals and dirt. The system has been tested to reduce and remove: chlorine, cysts, micro-organisms, cryptosporidium and toxic heavy metals such as: cadmium, organic arsenic lead, cadmium, as well as asbestos.

These ph7 is a counter-top device which readily hooks up to any faucet. Each PH7 unit features durable stainless steel housing to ensure a long life. The PH7 water filters have been proven to offer 97% Chlorine Reduction, a 99.99% Cyst Reduction Giardia & Cryptosporidium, and provide a Class I Particulate Reduction of dirt and sand particles. These water system filters purify water from a wide range of temperatures from 5~38 °C (41~100°F) and each cartridge filters up to 1000 gallon filter capacity. PH7 is one of the best in counter top filtration systems on the market today.

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